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Please read all the information in this section covering the rules so that you fully understand the inscription process. More information will be provided to the teams in the Handbook that will be sent once the application has been accepted.


Full year Entries:

  •  Maximum full year entries for 2023: 22 riders

  • Deadlines for full year entries: 15 th November – 1 st February 2023. After the deadline, registered users will be able to access their inscription form, but no new full year entries will be admitted.

  • Confirmation of permanent riders: 10 th February 2023.


Age: Date of birth between January 1st, 2006, and April 6th , 2009.

Rider must be 14 before the first round. Do not apply if you are not in this age group. Passport will be checked.

Road Racing Experience: Please provide us with details of the races and championships your riders are

competing in this season. We are not only interested in dedicated road racers, those who ride dirt bikes and/or

motocross bikes may also be developing the riding skills that translate into success on tarmac.

Nationality: Riders from all nationalities can apply but we are looking for new talents from the USA and Canada.

Start Numbers: Please give three options for the start number, these will be then selected in order of arrival. The

number you select must be between 2-99

Number of riders per team: Teams will be able to add more than one rider to their form so that all the team’s

riders are included in the same form.


An individual rider can apply but must decide a Team Name and must have one Team Manager and at least one

mechanic and one legal guardian. A team should have a Team Manager who will be the main contact with the


A team can be formed by a rider, and 2 mechanics which can be family or acquaintances.

It is NOT necessary to be part of an existing NATC team to participate in the championship.

The team has the responsibility to comply with all the requirements detailed in the Team Handbook.


Official Calendar:

  • The season will consist of 6 - 7 rounds TBD.

  • The calendar will be published after MotoGP, MotoAmerica, & other club racing organization calendars have all been published.

Track activity for race events (30 min sessions TBC):

  • MotoGP™ + MotoAmerica Events: 2 FP + 1 QP + 2 Races

  • Other events: 2 FP + 1 QP + 2 Races

Governing body: FIM North America & AMA

  • Riders must hold a valid CCR Continental license, issued by FIM North America & AMA.

  • Licenses: Continental license is not required

  • For riders accepted from outside of North America a start permission is required.

Race direction: 1 Rise Moto Representative + 1 Race Director + NATC FIM North America Representative

Technical Scrutineering: Rise Moto

  • 1 Senior Manager provided by Rise Moto

  • 1 Technical Director provided by Rise Moto

Organizational staff:

  • 1 Senior Executive + 1 coordinator provided by Rise Moto

  • 1 Rider coach provided by Rise Moto


Mandatory season entry fee per rider: 1,950 USD


  • Entry fees need to be made by the 10 th of January 2023 to be able to secure the spot.

  • If more applications than available spots are made, the North America Talent Cup selection committee will choose the final team and riders using the following points and according to the expertise of the committee:

    • USA and Canadian nationals

    • Riders with previous experience

  • If the application is rejected the entry fee will be returned

  • However, if the team decides to withdraw on their own account, the NATC will retain the entry fee.


  • A 1,500 USA per rider deposit will be requested for the 20 permanent entries for 2023.

  • This deposit will be made once the team has been confirmed that it will participate in the 2023 season and will be returned to the teams at the end if the rider/team participates in the whole championship.

  • However, if the team decides to withdraw on their own account, the NATC will retain this deposit.


  • Rise Moto will be in charge of the loan of the bikes to the Wild Cards

  • Wild card entry fee per rider: $450 USD

  • Bike rental will be paid directly to Rise Moto: 1,750 USD

  • Spares & crashes will need to be paid separately according to the invoice of Rise Moto.

  • Tyres, fuel, lubricant will be in the same conditions as full entry riders.


  • Rise Moto will cover the costs of all on track activity during the official events.

  • At each event each team/rider will receive the following items free of charge (teams are required to use these items):

    • 1 NATC 10x10 tent with the following characteristics:

      • Tent will include full back panel and half side panels.

      • 1 NATC chair

    • 1 Beta tool trolley or equivalent (must have a professional appearance especially at the MotoGP event…this will be enforced)

    • 1 Motul kit per rider with oil, lubricant, and cleaning products.

    • Dunlop Tyres

      • 1 sets of tyres per race event

      • Additional will be available for purchase but tyre limits will be enforced (limits to be announced)

      • It is recommended each team purchase spare wheels with Dunlop rain tires at the start of the season to be ready.

  • Prior to the first round each team/rider will receive the above items free of charge plus the following:

    • 2 KYT helmets per rider to be used during the whole year including trackside support with replacement visors when necessary.

    • 1 Motul welcome kit.



  • Technical & Sporting regulations must be obeyed by every team/rider, if not sanctions will apply.

  • All bikes will have the same specs and the engines will be sealed


  • Riders must use the helmets provided by KYT, no other brand will be permitted.

  • Any decorations on the helmets must be approved by Rise Moto and KYT.

  • Once the 2 FOC helmets have been used, riders will be able to purchase new helmets from KYT at a discounted price.

SAFETY GEAR (suit/boots/gloves):

  • Open to any brands but riders/teams must follow strict branding and color guidelines. This will be strictly enforced. Bison will remain as the Official suit/glove partner of the series and all riders will be eligible to order from Bison at a discounted rate. TCX will also remain as the Official boot partner of the series and all riders will be eligible to order from TCX at discounted rate.


  • Teams are welcome to look for their own sponsors and will have their space available on the motorcycle to place sponsor logos, however they cannot conflict with any of the NATC Partners (more to be announced):

    • FIM/AMA

    • MotoAmerica

    • Rise Moto

    • Dunlop

    • VP

    • Motul

    • KYT



  • Entry fee (paid to Rise Moto) + racing license (paid to the federations)

  • Purchase of the motorbike + kit at the start of the season through Rise Moto.

    • It will be mandatory for the 20 riders to own a motorcycle + kit

    • The price for bike + kit will be paid directly to Rise Moto: 13,950 USD + Tax

      • Motorbike + kit includes the following:

        • 1 Aprilia RS250SP2 – fully built to NATC specifications

          • Includes Alfano dash with lap timer, full data logging, and data analysis capabilities

        • 1 front stand & 1 rear stand (optional fork lift front stand available for purchase)

        • NATC 10x10 canopy

        • 1 set NATC branded tyre warmers (must be used by team)

    • Teams will be required to pay for the domestic transport of the motorcycle to their workshop OR they can pickup at the Rise Moto warehouse in York, PA at no cost.

  • If team purchases a used Aprilia RS250SP2 they must purchase the NATC canopy and NATC branded tyre warmers separately. The used bike must match the NATC livery guidelines and have a factory sealed engine.

  • Purchase of crashed and spare parts (available at the tracks through Rise Moto).

  • Transporting their bikes to each event

  • Purchase of transponder

  • Travel costs for the rider + team

  • VP MGP spec fuel

  • Dunlop tyres:

    • Teams must purchase any additional tyres for use during the season (Up to 7 sets will be provided by Dunlop FOC with one provided at each round).

    • It is recommended each team purchase spare wheels with Dunlop rain tires at the start of the season to be ready.


TEAM Passes

  • These passes will have access to:

    • Paddock at all NATC Events (including MotoGP™ & MotoAmerica)

    • NATC Tent at all times

    • Service Road during NATC sessions

    • Pit-Lane during NATC sessions

    • NATC Grid for all NATC races

  • Each team will receive PERMANENT TEAM passes for mechanics + rider(s) + staff

  • Quantities will be announced once all entries are announced.

GUEST Passes

  • These passes will have access to:

    • Paddock at all NATC Events (including MotoGP™ & MotoAmerica)

    • NATC Tent at under invitation by NATC Organizational Staff

    • Grid badges can be added to these passes

  • Each team will receive ONE-EVENT GUEST passes for its guests and family. Subject to the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Quantities will be pre-determined according to the number of riders per team and wildepend on which is the coinciding event.


The terms and conditions outlined above can be subject to change.


Riders that apply are not guaranteed entry into the NATC.

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