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The all-new North America Talent Cup (NATC) will have its inaugural season in 2022, with the goal of giving riders from North America and its immediate neighbors a new opportunity to further their careers and follow their dream of being a world-class motorcycle racer. The NATC aims to become the perfect stepping stone between lower level regional championships and the FIM CEV Repsol, Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, and/or the MotoAmerica championship series.

A comprehensive road racing development program.

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An official Road to MotoGP™ series

The newest path for young American road racers to reach the top, the NATC is sanctioned by the FIM and AMA. The series offers top finishers a chance to compete in international competition, and an opportunity to rise to the highest level of motorsport.

Learn to be a complete road racing athlete

Being fast on track begins with proper mental and physical preparation. NATC competitors are introduced to proper training strategies to help them better prepare and perform.

Industry leading partners and support

North America Talent Cup partners support the future of the sport by investing in North America's future generation of road racers. They offer equipment, parts, and services to help provide an opportunity for young racers to achieve their dreams.

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